We started in 2012 with a vision

Meramedica’s story goes way back. Meryem MED AB started operating in the healthcare sector in 2012. In 2015, it started its first branch, specialized in beautification and pain treatment, Växjökliniken.

Växjö Clinics started as a private clinic in the city of Växjö in the Småland region of southern Sweden. Since 2015 it has been providing pain treatments to thousands of cases each year. These treatments include joint pain, muscle pain treatments, headache / migraine, skin treatments, beautification, and other aesthetic treatments.

Växjökliniken has started its expansion in late 2018 to provide courses and practical training in medical and aesthetic treatments. In addition to that, Växjökliniken started to resell products from world-renowned brands in the field of pain treatment and aesthetic medicine. In 2019, Växjökliniken Academy and its webshop have been rebranded into Meramedica to become a specialized training center and reseller of medical and aesthetic products.

Our vision is to be leaders within the professional training in medical aesthetics and pain treatment market as well as in the medical equipment market. In Sweden, Europe, and the Middle East.

Our Team

Alaa Sadik is the founder of both Meryem Med AB and Växjökliniken AB. Is a specialist in general medicine with many years of experience in the profession. Also has long experience in injection treatments. He also conducts training and courses in aesthetics and medical laser (laser for the treatment of acute and chronic muscle and joint pain).
Dr. Alaa Sadik
General Manager & Founder
Yussor has long experience in medical laser therapy. She has treated a lot of cases with medical laser therapy since 2016 with very good results. In the first 3 years with only LLLT and the last year both LLLT and HILT.
Dr. Yussor Abu-Rgif
Medical and Aesthetical specilalist & Co-founder
Basil is an engineer. He holds an MSc in Innovation and Product Development. Am interested and well established in business and IT.
Basil H. Abu-Ragheef
Business & Product Development