Basic course Botox

A basic course in Botulinum toxin, i.e. botox treatments for wrinkles. We go through theory and injection techniques as well as dosages for all treated areas. You will receive information about possible complications and how to avoid them, as well as treatment/correction if these complications occur.

Course dates

Not specified

Areas included in education:

  • Glabella (angry wrinkle).
  • Crow’s Park.
  • Pan

The course is held by our specialist doctor dr. Alaa Sadik who has had a long experience of injection treatments.

The courses will always end with a practical part where you can perform a treatment on a model under the guidance of Dr. Alaa Sadik.

Requirements for the participant: You must be a registered nurse, dentist or doctor.


You will have course materials, patient records and a certificate in place after your course.

Course schedule:

  • 10:00 Theory with current course leader
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Hands-on treatment of models
  • 18:00 Closing- Certificate

Course fee: SEK 16,250 incl. Vat.

Note! During this basic course, you as a student do not have the opportunity to bring your own model. We provide a model that is suitable for the treatment.

Course date: Contact us for current dates.

Registration: via or phone 072 332 35 30

Location: Växjökliniken / Meramedica Academy, Sandgärdsgatan 23, 352 30 Växjö, Sweden

Note! The application is binding. Once you have applied for and received an invoice from us, you have until the due date to pay the invoice. If you change your mind, you must contact us and let us know and it is free. If you have paid your invoice and been prevented on the course day, you have a guaranteed place with us within 6 months and can then participate at the next time. The fees are non-refundable.

Our doctor is there for those who are a nurse and need support when purchasing toxins and and other medicines in connection with treatments. What’s included are Hyalas, Vistabel, Bocoture, Azzalure, Epipen,Antibiotics, Betapred etc. In order to receive Hyalas, your business must be registered and approved by IVO. This service can be arranged for a fixed monthly fee.




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Why choose Meramedica Academy?

Our mentors have extensive experience in the industry

We work with special and innovative methods that all our customers are happy with.

We keep in touch with you even after the course for feedback and mentorship.

We offer treatment materials that you need with special discounted prices for you.

Testimonials on our courses

What doctors and nurses say about our courses

Leif Mattisson
Leif Mattisson
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En utmärk och lärorik kurs både i teoretiska och praktiska innehållet, rekommenderas till den som önskar vidare utbilda sig inom PRP behandlingar Stort tack till Växjökliniken och speciellt till Dr Alaa Sadik

Leif Mattisson
M.D., Ph.D., Överläkare, Specialist i Ortopedi.,
Shahad Hikmat
Shahad Hikmat
QLäs mer
The platelet rich plasma course was very informative and specific. The course was made in such a good and professional way that afterwards I felt so confidence about the treatment and the importance of it. The course leader explained in such a way that was easy to understand and to perform the treatment in a professional way. I am so glad I took the course at Meramedica, i felt afterwards that i choose the right place to take the course. my clients are so satisfied about the way the treatment is performed and about the results. I look forward to take other courses at meramedica and to cooperate with Dr. Alaa Sadik.

Shahad Hikmat
Badal Rashu
Badal Rashu
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It was really fantastic and very good learning course with excellent instructions both theoretical and practical skills. I get a lot of information on PRP and Mesotherapy in just one day. I strongly recommend this course. Dr. Alaa is very kindly and helpful.

Dr. Badal Rashu
Consultant urologist,

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