Beautification and Skin Care

We offer an intensive course to gain basic knowledge in beauty and skincare. The course includes everything you need to become an expert in beauty, it also includes sales techniques to enable you to market in the best possible way. 

Permanent Hair Removal with Lasers

Welcome to sign up for our popular permanent hair removal training with Laser & IPL. Education laser is open to everyone, so even if you have no previous experience, you are welcome to register.

Microneedling and Mesobotox Course

The training in Microneedling and Mesobotox that gives you the knowledge necessary to perform treatments in a safe and effective way.


Microdermabrasion treatments use a minimal abrasive instrument to gently grind the skin and remove the thicker uneven outer layer.

3D Microbladning

Kosmetisk tatuering utbildning för 3D ögonbryn med både hand metod (hårstrå + maskin)