PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Course

Växjökliniken / Meramedica Academy is Sweden’s most well-known academy regarding PRP education. We offer professional courses in PRP treatments where you go through both theoretical and practical parts.

The price is SEK 11,875 including VAT.

In the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment course provided by Meramedica Academy, you will learn PRP treatments for wrinkle reduction and rejuvenation of the face, neck, etc. We use a unique mixture of plasma with hyaluronic acid in the same tube. Yes exactly in the same tube with a huge fine result immediately after treatment!

We will also teach you PRP treatment for hair loss “Alopecia” on an almost painless method (with nerve block). This unique method is appreciated by all patients.

PRP units used:

We use PRP pipes from various brands, including RegenLab, Dr. America and T-Lab.

The practical part of the work with live models is led by our specialist Dr Alaa Sadik.

You will receive a certificate and material as a journal document to use in your clinics / salons at the end of the course. You also get the benefit of buying treatment packages in the future at a discounted price.

Requirements for the participant:

You must be a certified nurse, dentist or physician. Or a nurse with experience in blood sampling and injections.

Questions will be sent via email: or via tel no: +46723323530

If you have chosen the bank transfer method as a payment method, the application for the course is binding. When you have applied for and received an invoice from us, you have until the due date to pay the invoice. If you regret it, you must contact us and let us know and it is free. If you have paid your invoice and have been prevented on the course day, you have a guaranteed place with us for 6 months and can then participate at the next opportunity. After payment, Fess cannot be refunded.

PRP Courses are held at Växjökliniken. The specialized health and beauty clinic in Växjö.

Location: Växjökliniken / Meramedia Academy, Sandgärdsgatan 23, 352 30 Växjö, Sweden.


Sandgärdsgatan 23, 352 30 Växjö, Sweden

kr9,500.00 Excluding VAT.


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