Introductory Course Within Medical Lasers

Medical laser can well be used by doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, naturopaths and other healthcare professionals, both in the private and public sectors. You who have your own clinics and salons can also increase your clientele and revenue by treating people / patients who suffer from acute and chronic muscle and joint pain.

The treatment is both risk-free and pain-free. Doctor dr. Alaa Sadik and dr. Yussor Abu-Rgif has been working with medical laser for many years. They offer a consultation period with dr. Alaa Sadik gives you general information about medical laser treatment for those who intend to use medical laser in your business. You will learn the use of laser machines, diseases and treatments, marketing … etc. At the same time you also get info price on machines and financing.

Book your time with Alaa Sadik or Yussor Abu-Rgif for consultation through the email:

NOTE! Free consultation

If you want to become a certified laser therapist, book your education with us later. The training deepens your information on medical laser. You also receive appropriate treatment doses, indications, contraindications … etc.

The training ends with tests and is then awarded a diploma in laser treatment.

After you book the course we will contact you to set up a personalized course date.


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